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State Senator for Senate District 30

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Stacy Brenner is an organic farmer and small business owner who co-founded and now operates Broadturn Farm in Scarborough. Brenner is a graduate of the University of Arizona, where she studied agriculture and plant sciences. She holds two nursing degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. She spent her early working career as a nurse-midwife, tending to the births of hundreds of babies at Mercy Hospital in Portland. She is a former board member of Maine Farmland Trust the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Organization (MOFGA). She works for Maine Farmland Trust on farmland access strategy.

Raised in a working-class suburb in New Jersey, Stacy spent her childhood romanticizing country life. When she wasn’t watching reruns of “Little House on the Prairie,” Stacy would escape the suburban chem-lawns of her neighborhood to explore the wooded edges of the development with her brother. She always wanted to be a farmer. Like so many other folks from away, she was drawn to the state of Maine by its verdant landscapes, supportive business climate, thriving agricultural network, and the amazing, hard-working people she met.

In 2002, Stacy, her then five-year-old daughter Emma, and her husband, John Bliss, moved to Maine to become first-generation farmers. They entered the MOFGA farmer journeyperson program designed to support new entry growers, and taught themselves how to be farmers. In 2006, Stacy and John opened Broadturn Farm, which produces cut flowers and organic vegetables and hosts weddings. The farm is a thriving example of economic development on farmland protected with an agricultural easement funded in part by the Land for Maine’s Future program.

Stacy’s strength is her dedication to building meaningful relationships with people in her community. She understands that the first step in creating connection is by listening to the concerns of constituents. When elected, Stacy will collaborate and engage with local community members to help build a strong, inclusive, prosperous Maine.

Meet Stacy

Leadership Rooted in Community

Stacy and her family have been residents of Scarborough for 16 years. Her daughter Emma graduated from the Scarborough school system and her youngest daughter, Flora, is a high school junior. Between her involvement with schools and running a successful business, Stacy understands the most important issues to local children, educators, families, and employers. And as a farmer for 20 years, Stacy understands the impact that people's behaviors and habits have on the land, sky, and waterways. We can trust Stacy to consider the needs of everyone in our community in every decision she makes in Augusta.

Why Stacy

Stacy is a nurse, farmer, parent, small-business owner, and community-member.

Stacy believes that running for office is about engaging people across the district to understand the changes we can make in Augusta to improve the lives of our neighbors. As an elected official, Stacy will examine legislative opportunities through a lens that lives up to our ideals of caring for one another while mitigating climate change in every possible decision. She believes her work as a farmer, a successful business-owner and employer, a midwife, a parent, and a daughter have helped her to become an effective listener, capable of taking the experiences of our community and translating them into solutions.



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Local Testimonials

Community members from Scarborough and Gorham share why they support Stacy for Senate.

On the Issues


Right now, too many Mainers — like the child care and grocery store workers on the frontlines of the pandemic — are working critical jobs and still not being paid enough to make ends meet. Meanwhile, we are heading toward record-level unemployment, and the small businesses that are the backbone of Maine’s economy are on life support. As we look towards reviving our economy in the wake of COVID-19, we need to invest in the workers and small business owners our economy depends on, not big businesses looking for more tax breaks.


As a nurse midwife with over a decade of medical experience, I intimately know the fears many people have regarding health care. Health care is a right, and no one in Maine should go bankrupt trying to pay their medical bills. I also believe that no one should lose their ability to see the doctor when they lose their job, especially in the middle of a pandemic, and that we need bold solutions to the racial disparities that have left too many Black, Brown, and Indigenous families without the health care they need during this crisis.


I believe high-quality education requires investing in our students and educators from Pre-K through college or vocational school, which is why I’ll fight against funding cuts to public education. Bringing down the costs of child care and Pre-K will help keep young families in the state, and making college and vocational training more affordable will help us retain the young talent we need for our state to thrive.


As a farmer and mother, I know the importance of preserving our lands for future generations. In the State Senate, I’ll fight to address the effects of climate change, which threaten our ability to grow the food we need and live healthy lives, and advocate for green energy solutions that provide good-paying jobs in our community. I’ll also support initiatives like the Land for Maine’s Future program, which has protected over 600,000 acres of land from unnecessary development and allowed young, local farmers to grow nutritious food right here in Maine.

Child Care

Without adequate and affordable child care options, many Maine parents — especially working mothers — will have to continue making impossible choices between work outside the home and work inside the home. I believe no one should have to pay hundreds of dollars every month just to afford care for their children, and that we should invest in child care centers to cut down the costs for Maine families.

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